How hiding website URLS in auction protects the traders | Trademysite

With so many contemporary  website market places like flippa ,empire flippers , dealasite ; Buying and selling websites has gathered a decent market base in the internet . I have already written many blogs about  how to build & how to start a business from the scratch ,best ways to increase traffic and so on and so forth .

Being an official blogger for online marketplace  website – trademysite , my prelimnary job was to tell you the basics about how the online business works ,how our services work and what extra does it provide to you .

This blog is about why and how hiding website URLs in auctions protects the traders . We usually hide the URL and specific details on the websites when we list a new site. To get that information, as a buyer, we require a (refundable) deposit – typically 5% of the purchase price. The reasons why the website URL is hidden .Hiding  URLs safeguards your site from potential copycats and competitors –Initially it was a common practice of  providing all the details  like. URL ,Keywords they are ranked for ,specific analytics ,monetization proof etc . It was done with the intention to keep the entire process transparent thus by promoting goodwill among the customers .However there were experienced and prospective buyers who would  contact the online marketplace forums who wanted to buy  the website without publicaly sharing this information .