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Being budding entrepreneurs ourselves, we completely understand what all it takes to  make a business work .The online business worldis expanding , infact revolutionizing .New services , products are  changing as per the requirement of the common man .

The are a number of books ,articles written about them . Well , adding a fun element to the serious work , a lot of tv programs have come up , which a lot of young businessmen may enjoy and relate to . SO here is the list of top t.v shows that you may really like watching-


One of the most popular series of history , mad man talks about the various kinds of power dynamics . the show does a great job of highlighting power dynamics as well as how the advertising and marketing industries operates. The plot alone will keep you hooked, but the true intrigue of the film is the constant twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.


The profit is a story about a man Marcus Lemonis, who is daring ,enterprising .The plot is on , he invests money on a business which is on the verge of collapsing , so as to turn it around and make it an empire again . However he isn’t investing money but his time to make amendments in the business .There are some people who abide by him ,some clash and don’t approve to what he is doing .Its a very relatable series that every entrepreneur must watch . His journey and growth a leader ,his skills are worth watching .


This HBO series is about life in a biggest technical hub of the world . It is a story about PIED PIPER  and his path to  make the next biggest tech company . The silicon valley is funny ,engaging .It has all the practical illustration and scenes of pros and hardships of young entrepreneur to start a business almost all the competition .


The list is not complete if you are not talking about shark tank . First shot in 2009 ,this  show is crazy . Shark tank gain quick popularity for its realistic questionare and raw approach , where 6 self made billionare of high net worth are ready to invest in small ,medium scale investment provided the business is promising enough to make it big in the longer run . The panel typically includes Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Canadian entrepreneur Kevin “Mr Wonderful” O’Leary, founder of fashion giant Fubu and investor Damon John, “The Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, and owner of Herjavec Securities and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Robert Herjavec.


A great opportunity to budding techocrats .What do you do when you have the best people , good at their jobs work for top notch Ceos? You make a reality show ! This show has made huge profit to companies who were actually learning young talented enterprising individuals .However it is not so famous on Air  . The concept is though very interesting and is a good lesson to watch to pontential entrepreneurs .


Friends it is the Canadian version of shark tank , where a group of influential billionares are ready to invest on small, medium scale businesses . These entrepreneurs pitch to a group of wealthy investors including former police officer turned venture capitalist and owner of Boston Pizza, Jim Treliving, among others.


This series stars  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson  who is a former NFL superstar turned sports agent .His character to struggling to make a career after his sports .This protagonist has an amazing trade ,salesman skills .The way he handles everyday chaos  with his this incredible traits and persona is worth watching .Want to know about the fast paced corporate lifestyle  in the hectic environment f,do watch the series .


What will you do when the boss goes undercover ! A very interesting situation for all of us working out there . The undercover boss is about a  CEO who wants to  see what is going on in his company and  pretend to be new entry-level employees at their own company . This Emmy award winning TV show provides a unique perspective, which allows top executives to quickly identify problems within their own company.


What happens after shark tank ? Well we sure were curious .Beyond the tank is the extension of shark tank . When a businessman is investing on a business  ,what happens after 6 months ? Beyond the tank truly expresses their after story .


Entrepreneurship  and business is not just restricted to a particular area or domain .Which is why it is not a job ! Who  would not agree if I say smugging is also a business .Well , never thought of that did you? Narcos is not about the conventional tips for making business ,but the theme and the situations shown in the series will teach you a lot . Pablo Escobar as a businessman selling imported electronics, as he seizes a new (albeit illegal) business opportunity dealing cocaine, and goes on to become the wealthiest criminal in history with a known net worth in excess of $30 billion.


Politics aside, there’s a reason why Celebrity Apprentice is in its 15th season! Now re-branded as The New Celebrity Apprentice, this next season will follow new host Arnold Schwarzenegger as he takes the reigns while being advised by celebrities like Warren Buffet and Jessica Alba.Good self help guide to know everything that happens behind the scenes .


One of the most engaging and popular thrillers on air .The empire is a story about success ,politics ,power and everything else which smells money .It is a story about about a pop icon  Lucious Lyon who after his music career becomes the CEO of a music company .There is a content series of event in the story with all kinds of twists and plots which keep the viewer at the edge all the time . Lucious  is all the time trying to maintain the control in the company while his family is consistently trying to push him backwards.


A comical series Nathan for you  is funny and witty ,it also gives you solutions to solve common entrepreneur issues . The show follows, Nathan Fielder, a renowned Canadian comedian and business consultant, as he seeks to help struggling businesses. Fielder does an excellent job profiling the businesses owned by his clients, while providing them with “useful” tips and tricks to get them ahead of the competition. Nathan has a number of guest celebrity appearances which makes the show even the more attractive .

So people this was all about the best shows on air an entrepreneur should watch and would  relate to .There are many more programs which hasn’t been mentioned here .But we will include that soon .