- Tips To Make Your Content Attractive | Blog

You may randomly type a topic into the search engine and get a huge list of articles with content relating to your keyword. There is a lot of matter available on the internet. However; it really makes your day if you come across a blog, post or an article which is relevant. Making content a top search item and attractive is one thing, but it should also be relevant, precise and accurate in the information it is trying to convey.

If your content is authentic then the next thing you do is make your content sellable.  This post is all about how to make your content attractive and generate as much as traffic as possible, developing your brand name. An attractive content is very important from the economic point of view and also, at the end of the day, this is how you are marketing your product, blog or service and earning the good faith of the audience on the internet. So here are the tips-

  • Specialize- To get loyal followers/audience for your matter, you need to make sure that you have a thorough knowledge of the topic or say the theme you are writing about. Whenever writing about a topic make sure you stick to it and not beat around the bush making the reader confused and disinterested. To develop a brand name as a blogger or as a businessman you have to earn the goodwill of the people first.
  • Knowledge does counts- Read and research the topic properly. If you are comfortable with the topic, you will obviously not make it boring and repetitive. Having firsthand knowledge about anything will enable you to bring good explanations, examples with a neat twist and turns in the topic.
  • Justifying your write up- Besides writing about the topic, it is really a smart move if you are giving the audience proofs like referrals or links, to which they can rely on for further study. Proofs and Examples are very important for an attractive content.
  •  Format of your write up- It is a good habit to use an average of 10 words per sentence, 1-4 sentence paragraphs as well as lists and bullets within the post you are writing. Do it whenever possible. This is important because it helps with the SEO and your overall website ranking.
  • Giving images, videos- Audience does like posts that are vibrant, have practical images or videos for reference or justification of the article. Provide visuals in the form of images or videos to make your content captivating.

  • Edit before you post –It is very annoying and big time turn off when you go through a post, blog or article and find spelling and grammatical mistakes. I am sure 90 percent of the readers will never even open any other posts of that writer again after this. So be careful and avoid losing audience because of such silly mistakes.
  • Stay up to date -Whether you are writing a new post or adding an update to an old one, make sure you keep your content fresh and up-to-date. With those entire website providing information, it is your responsibility towards your audience that you are not selling stale fish and misguiding people with the wrong content.
  • Humour alert –A lot of bloggers are really charming and witty in their art, and often infuse good humour in their content. But then, you need to understand that you really don’t know which domain of audience are you writing for. The audience could be anyone. So kindly take into consideration variables such as cultural differences and audience sensitivities. Your simple funny one liner may sound okay to one person and may be offending to the other. However, creativity is always respected in writing and it should neither be compromised.
  • Brainstorm ways and means and ideas- To get good content, you necessarily don’t need to go through books or sites to prepare a piece of write up, instead, brainstorm new ways to bring a new approach or perspective to your teachings. It may be your experiences or your friend’s that may count to make your article a big hit among its users.
  • Keywords – Having good keywords are very important. Bring out the keywords in your content using bold, different fonts and titles. Not only does this make it easier for the reader to find the key subjects in your post, it also helps you organise your content in an attractive way.! You can highlight a point, which you think might turn few eyes to your blog by any way you want.
  • Marketing your content is equally needed – It’s a sad reality, a lot of good content has never had that amount of audience just because it wasn’t marketed properly. Market, advertise your brand well so that your attractive well-written blog, post or an article is presented to a larger user base.
  • Don’t serve your customers half meals – Some bloggers give half-handed knowledge and ask the readers to click to this another link to know about the entire topic. That is mean and very unattractive. Don’t confuse the audience, give solutions to their problems or say queries to their problems.
  • Have that conversational approach – Believe it or not, you do not impress anyone with your big heavy vocabulary and mumbo-jumbo words. People would rather read a simpler post that at least sounds like a human wrote it. Your aim as a writer should be to convey information not challenge Shakespeare. Write like you are conversing with the reader like they do with teachers in schools and colleges. This is very good way to create an attractive write-up.

So, friends, this was all about tips for attractive content writing. These were very general and obvious points that I have mentioned that any layman would also understand, but very effective too.