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convert people to website

A website is one of the several means of expressing your ideas to the computerized audience. A website incorporates a number of similarly related web pages which may be a part of your business, project (s) or assignment (s). Also, there is a multitude of websites running across the Internet sharing the same information as your website does. Now, the question that arises, why do people choose your website for the content they’re looking for? For instance, just consider, your website’s URL is indexed in 1st number in search engine result pages (SERPs); a random user will normally click on one such link. Now if in future the same user looks for the information, what are the chances that s/he will choose your website again for the information. So to help you, here in this article we’ve mentioned about the different ways to convert people to your website.

  • Avoid Jargons; keep your content plain & simpler:

Jargons are technical words, which can only be understood by a specific group of people related to that domain. Try to keep your content simpler so that it is easily understood even by the non-technical audience.



  • Increase Trust:

This is like generating authoritative content. Authority is what other website (s) think of you; this is the process of back linking, which is a ‘Vote of trust’. You can also ensure the trust of your users by posting relevant & meaningful content. It’s important that at the end of every post you should mention the contribution of people or references from where you’ve taken the help, users may also click on one of these references just to check whether the information you’ve provided is correct or not?



  • Create citations wherever applicable:

A citation is mention of your business name, address & phone number across the web. The more citation your business gets from quality sources, the higher you will be ranked in search results & then more people will start trusting your website. Your business name, address & phone number should exactly be the same wherever they appear.



  • Regularly update your site’s content:

For attracting more visitors to your site, it’s important that you update your content regularly, at least twice or thrice in a week if not daily. Regular updating of content will keep you in touch with your website visitors.



  • Share complete information:

Your article must have complete information regarding a topic. Irrelevant, semi-relevant or incomplete information might drastically reduce the number the visitors to your site & in turn might impact your conversion rates.



  • Implement redirect rules whenever your website is down for maintenance:

If you want that your index doesn’t get affected while your website is down for maintenance, it is important to implement ‘redirect rules’, i.e. “302 temporary redirect”&“301 permanent move” rules.



  • Animated calls to action:

You might have seen pop-ups, ads that keep on popping once you open some website. Well, they might seem annoying to users but they’re important in growing your business.



  • Choose right payment gateway for your website: 

If you are working for an e-commerce store & your website is using a payment gateway, make sure you opt the right one for the same. Payment gateways should be trustworthy, must place the customer’s orders in a sequential & logical manner, i.e. in a way they’re generated, & most importantly make sure that your payment gateway is charging your customers a less transaction fee as this might impact your sales in some way or other.



  • Send post-order emails: 

Once the product, that the customer has ordered is delivered thank him/her for shopping with you. Also, provide your email id & phone number along with the e-mail attachment. Ask your customers if they have any complaint or suggestions regarding the product delivered, then they can contact or write them at above-mentioned contact points.



  • Express clearly: 

Your way of expressing your website can also make a lot of customers. Remember, ‘Words have a huge power if you know how to use them’.


  • Implement technologies like S.E.O: 

S.E.O, abbreviated for, search engine optimization, is a technique of attaining traffic to your website, which ultimately leads to an increase in rank of your website.



Hope, this information was helpful to you.