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Buying and selling of websites can be very tedious and confusing if you don’t have much experience .I remember the first time I wanted to sell my website.

I was a complete mess and eventually it did take me a long time to understand the working of the internet market world dimensions . Here in this post I have given some guidance, as what I have learnt while working in this industry.

  • First and foremost , understand the fact that when you intend to buy a website you should earn a profit buying the asset and not on eventually selling it .By saying that you make money from buying the website is that , you buy the website at a cost lesser than its original value .Non the less the website you are planning to buy should have a potential to generating profit once you start running it on your own terms .There may be a lot of reasons why a seller may be selling his website at a lower cost such as death, divorce or financial obligations that they have to meet. Usually if a seller is selling his website it may be due to following reasons :
  1. The owner doesn’t update his website regularly, he doesn’t care about the business or he isn’t able to generate much revenue out of it.  If you happen to buy a website, don’t buy the company, just buy the assets. If you buy the corporation, you will take on any liabilities that it may have, such as a lawsuit.
  2. It is usually harder to build a business than to grow it. The hardest part about running an online business is starting up a website and getting traction. Sure, getting to 10,000 visitors a month may not be hard, but getting to over 100,000 visitors a month is hard. The interesting part is, is that once you hit 100,000 monthly visitors, it is much easier to grow to 200,000 or even 300,000 visitors a month.
  • Never rely on google, it may seem it brings a lot of traffic but it doesn’t, looking at larger scale .You can drive an audience from a popular site such as Facebook .You can build an audience of thousands and even millions of people through a fan page. Before you even buy a site, you can create a test advertising campaign on Facebook by using an unfinished ad data. By entering target keywords and demographic criteria, you can find out how many people you can potentially target.
  • Build your own ad campaign .While doing so make sure you are targeting the right section of audience be it men, women, youngsters, business men, which ever kind of segregation or categorization suits you. You can let Facebook optimize as when it is sending traffic to a fan page, there is a setting in which you can let Facebook optimize your bidding for you. Also create good quality content for your site .You can also use Facebook insights like the kind of people liking the fan page, diverting and redirecting the audience accordingly                                                             
  • The way you grow any site’s traffic, no matter what industry it is in, is through emails. From offering free eBooks to discount coupons, you can collect emails from your site. This way, any time you have an offer, you can do a blast to your email list. But yes please try not overdoing it .You never know you end up landing in the user’s spam, blocked list. There are many places through which you can send it you e-mails like

Facebook – you can create a page on your Facebook fan page that allows you to collect emails.  To boost the    opt-in conversion rate, you can offer a free eBook, course or even a coupon.

Blog –there may be a great deal of chance that the website you are buying may have its own blog. If there isn’t, you can easily create one. When creating a blog, you can use pop-ups, sidebar opt-ins and opt-ins below each blog post to collect emails. Again, offering something off such as a 30-day course or an eBook for free, is a good enough way to collect e-mails

Contests – although you can’t run contests all the time, you can leverage them to collect a few thousand emails in a short period of time. You can use Contest Domination to run some contests as they have features that will help make your contest go viral in case you don’t have a big user base. After you start building your email list, promote whatever products or services you may be selling. If you don’t have any, you can create an email drip sequence and promote affiliate offers.

  • One of the best and most effective way to build a website and make it grow is through content marketing .Buy writing posts, articles and spreading awareness about your website through content write ups via social web, you can gain new readers, build links and increase your overall Google traffic. The best part about it is you are doing this by adding a lot of value to potential customers by educating them with free advice and also marketing your website .You should post really good content, with over 2000 words free from plagiarism and the articles or posts should be genuine and authentic, not copied from some other similar site which has technology 1000 yrs. old, give you inaccurate and obsolete matter.
  • There are two ways to optimize your website and earn more money from it. One is by driving as much traffic to the website as possible and second is by optimizing the site for conversions. The first option is more expensive, and it should be leveraged once you have a higher and a better conversion rate. You can look for a few posts of ours as ways for getting better conversion rates.                                                                                                                                         
  • Most importantly do not lose your vision and focus after finally buying the website .As this happens a lot of times that the buyer has once bought a website, he doesn’t focus much on growing and expanding it. You can’t expect to spend a bit of money and make a huge hit without putting in much effort to it .You have to put in a lot of time and effort so as to pull it off .If you don’t have much time ,you can  even hire someone to deal with it on a day-to-day basis for you.
  • Lastly don’t be in too much hurry and don’t get too greedy .Even if the website is taking time, be patient and don’t start looking for a buyer buying it for a better price. There is always a right time and a right reason for selling the website .Who knows this better than the owner?

I personally don’t like selling properties, but once my growth rate slows down to 30% a year, I look forward to sell the site and move onto something new. Just make sure your growth rate doesn’t die down to 10% per year because the multiple you will receive on your yearly profit or revenue will drastically decrease. If you are wondering how to sell your business, you can use the same broker you used to buy the business. They typically have a ton of contacts in the website buying world.

There are a number of market place sites which offer you great deals .Sites such as trademysite can be a great platform to sell the website when the need arises.